Ep14 Hello and welcome to episode 12 of the Sudo Social Club. I’m Edward Miro and this will be a special episode for me to announce being accepted as a speaker at DEF CON 27!

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So I am very excited to bring you all this very special announcement episode of the Sudo Social Club. On this past Wednesday I was sitting in one of my favorite local bars here in Chico, B Street and I was having a couple beers plus waiting for the takeout I was bringing home for dinner to be done. And I had had an especially stressful day, for those of you who also do freelance IT work you’ll sympathize and this is common for us, when I got this email which changed my mood instantly:

I gotta say this is such an honor and amazing privilege. And even though I know I’ve been working hard to get to this sort of thing, I’m just still taken aback no matter how many times I imagined what it would feel like to speaking at not only one of the worlds longest running and biggest hacker cons, but to be part of the SE Village especially. It feels amazing to have the opportunity to present my voice and perspectives in the field of cyber security to the world. I am forever in debt to the DC530 crew for holding NorCon where I got to speak at 2 different years. Plus everyone who follows the Sudo Social Club on YouTube or via podcast. The fact that there are 12 people who support me and care about this project is incredibly humbling and I can’t begin to express my gratitude.

So yeah as you can see from the email I submitted the talk I did at NorCon 4 and will be adapting it some to be more relevant to that audience and make improvements on the presentation in general. I’m lucky that I got to do the majority of this talk already and all the feedback I got was positive and I’ll be taking that confidence with me in August to Las Vegas and feel very confident that I’m gonna do a great job.

Anyways just wanted to share the news and not so humble brag. Speaking at DEF CON is a huge deal and I hope I see some of you there!

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Written on June 23, 2019