Hello and welcome to episode 25 of the Sudo Social Club. I’m Edward Miro and in this “final” episode I will be going over how I will be transitioning the channel and what it means for the Sudo Social Club.

So if you haven’t been with me on this journey from the beginning here’s a brief history. I started this channel almost exactly 1 year ago and uploaded Episode 0 on Feb 15, 2019. From the beginning I’ve always been open about how I’m not trying to make money or get famous from publishing a YouTube channel and podcast. For the record I haven’t and I didnt. But it has served as a way for me to stay busy, a way to keep learning and a way to share what I know, give back to the community and support open source education.

I always had the goal in mind that I would do it for at least a year and then decide what I want to do going forward at that time. I’m sure many of you know this, but producing content that’s interesting and has a minimum production value has a fairly steep overhead in money, time and energy. I pay for podcast hosting, my Adobe Premiere subscription, I bought a nice mic and webcam, and I pay for my domain. I’m also not an audio/video expert. I can do the basics, but it’s tough. And I’m not complaining. It’s totally worth it and I’ve had so much fun doing this and I especially appreciate the 32 subscribers I have on YouTube and my listeners of the podcast. You all rock and your support means a lot to me.

Now, let’s move forward.

Lately I’ve dipped my toes into the streaming arena and this is the direction I want to take the channel. I thought about it a few times this past year and it wasn’t until I met one of my fellow instructors who encouraged me to try it and told me about what it’s like when he streams programming that tipped me over the edge. I’m sure you’ve noticed the past 3 uploads have all been streams.

These are the pros to me:

Less planning, writing and prep. Content can be extemporaneous and driven by the audience. Audience can participate and interact with me. We can do hands on demos. I can download and share the stream on YouTube with no extra work.

So this will be the final “traditional” episode that gets published. I will still upload talks or other special content, in addition to my live streams, on the YouTube channel. Being a heavily visual medium going forward I won’t be publishing via my podcast host anymore however so I apologize if you only get my content via a podcatcher. Please follow me on YouTube or Twitch.

Streaming also affords me another opportunity that I wanted to speak briefly about before I close. Chris Hadnagy of Social Engineer LLC, the SE Village at DEF CON and the SE Village Conference actually literally going on as I record this, started the Innocent Lives Foundation last year. Put simply, the ILF uses highly skilled cyber security experts and their skills to unmask child predators, pedophiles, and human traffickers. Like so many in our community I applied to volunteer and dedicate my skill set and time to this noble and shockingly necessary cause. But of course everyone else wanted to also and they are overwhelmed with volunteers. I spoke with their COO Shane McCombs this week and he mentioned to me that the ILF is working with Tiltify as a way to use live streaming platforms for charity purposes. And if there’s anything I can do to support their mission, I’m going to do that. Of course I want to be the super secret hacker doing all the hackerish stuff, but the mission is more important than my silly ego.

I know I don’t have a huge audience, but who knows. Maybe live streaming will be more successful and if someone happens to watch who has a few bucks they want to donate, we can scoop that up for the ILF. And if anyone ever wanted to support me as a content creator, this is how to do it.

In closing, thank you for supporting me on this journey over this past year. It will be fun to see what the future holds.

Come check out my stream sometime. I’ll be on Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 8 pm PST.

Thank you.


Written on February 22, 2020