Hello and welcome to episode 8 of the Sudo Social Club. I’m Edward Miro and in this episode I am going to be continuing our series looking at OverTheWire’s Bandit wargame.

The Sudo Social Club is a podcast and YouTube channel centered around hacking capture the flags, wargames, crypto-challenges and vulnerable VM’s. I will be recording videos of me completing the challenges and also explaining in detail what I’m doing, why I’m doing what I’m doing and as much information as I can fit into each episode. Each week I’ll be picking a vulnerable VM, challenge or CTF to work through with you. Together we will learn about all the techniques, protocols and workflows to hack all the things. I’m also going to maintain a really good reference page on www.sudosocialclub.com with links to the YouTube video, audio only link and a feed of all my past episodes for you to use anytime you need it. If anyone has any feedback or recommendations on how I can improve the channel please leave a comment or email me at sudosocialclub@protonmail.com. Thanks for tuning in, now let’s begin:


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Written on May 6, 2019